The Human Resonator

The human body itself is a natural resonator, with each organ, tissue, bone and fluid generating and responding to harmonic vibrations that ripple out in waves. The living matrix of the human body is wonderfully capable of absorbing different kinds of vibratory energy and responding with harmonic vibrations. Therapists whose treatments are based on touch, heat, light, aroma, and sound are using resonance and vibrational therapies to heal.

Bone is an excellent conductor of vibration and is therefore capable of resonance. The fact that each vertebrae in the spine has a characteristic shape prompted Dr. Wieder to wonder if each might also have a characteristic or fundamental vibrational frequency. After years of research and testing thousands of people, Dr. Wieder determined the fundamental resonant frequency for each of the twenty-four vertebrae.

In her book, Song of the Spine, Dr. Wieder describes the results of her research on the resonance of the spine, and how to apply specific vibrational frequencies directly to the individual vertebra to generate a resonant response that can help to restore and maintain healthy functioning. She also points out that the spine with its primary and secondary curves looks like a standing wave. Is it possible, she asks, that the structural and neural integrity of the spine and nervous system is maintained by energy that echoes like a standing wave between the curves. It is Dr. Wieder's great hope that her research will stimulate and encourage others to further investigate the healing uses of specific vibrations.

For Dr. Wieder's complete Vertebral Frequency Chart, please read Song of the Spine, Chapter 6.

Dr. Wieder conducted her research using standard tuning forks and muscle testing. She found that the tuning forks were effective in restoring the harmonic resonance of the spine. However, tuning forks are not the most practical method for applying vibration to the spine. She realized that a tunable, hand-held electronic tuning fork could replace the entire set of 12 tuning forks used for spinal bone toning. After several years of costly development, the BoneToners electronic tuning fork was produced. It automatically cycles through the resonant frequencies of the vertebrae, allowing a therapist to treat each vertebra in sequence quickly and easily. Alternatively, a therapist can select a single frequency to treat a specific vertebra. For more information, see Electronic Tuning Fork/BoneToner.

Harmonic Resonator For the Whole Body

After the successful introduction of the BoneToner electronic tuning fork for toning the spine, Dr. Wieder began to receive queries from therapists about incorporating additional healing frequencies into the electronic device. This prompted Dr. Wieder to review frequencies mentioned in various vibrational therapies and to use muscle testing to evaluate their therapeutic potential. Next, working closely with a skilled electronics designer, she supported the development of a hand-held device that outputs a wide range of vibrational frequencies.

Trade-named the Harmonic Resonator, the new device incorporates all of the spinal resonant frequencies found in the BoneToner electronic tuning fork along with vibrational frequencies for seven types of harmonic resonance.

The Harmonic Resonator has vibrational settings for:

  • Song of the Spine BoneToner resonant frequencies
  • Spinal Cord and Fascia Frequencies
  • Brain wave frequencies
  • Organ frequencies
  • Chakra frequencies
  • Solfeggio frequencies
  • OM fundamental frequency and harmonics
  • Schumann frequency

Operation of the Harmonic Resonator is simple and direct. The basic procedure is to select a category of harmonic frequencies, then tune to the specific frequency needed for a specific treatment. The vibrating probe is applied to the appropriate part of the body.


The approaches and techniques described on this website are meant to supplement, and not be substitutes for medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.

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