About the Author

During Dr. Wieder's initial research, she considered matching the individual vertebrae to individual notes of a musical octave. But an octave consists of seven full tones, and she thought it unlikely there would be a one-to-one correspondence between the seven musical tones and the 24 vertebrae. Then one day, Cliff, a 75-year-old musician was on her chiropractic table. "I feel that the bones of the spine are somehow related to an octave," she said,"but there are twelve bones in each spinal curve." Cliff's reply was succinct: "You haven't included the five black keys."

As a result of 8 years of clinical study, Dr. Wieder revealed that each bone of the spine has its own tone and frequency, and her discovery is leading the way for this new path of vibrational healing called bone toning. After studying extensively the relationships between sound, movement, and form, and how they relate to healing, Dr. Wieder developed the BoneTonerTM, a handheld device which generates the frequencies that correspond with each vertebrae.

That question led Dr. Wieder into research on the resonance of the spine. Her studies reveal that each bone of the spine has its own tone and frequency, and that applying specific vibrational frequencies directly to the vertebrae generates a sympathetic response that activates the embedded harmonics that help maintain healthy functioning.

This website, along with Dr. Wieder's Song of the Spine book, is about bone toning, how it was developed and how it can be applied in your practice using the tools Dr. Wieder makes available in this website.
1) The Song of the Spine book and 2) The BoneTonerTM

Dr. Wieder has extensively studied the relationships between sound,movement,and form,and how they relate to health and healing. A classically trained pianist, she is now studying the cello. She has been a practitioner in the health field for more than 30 years. After earning a B.Sc. in Psychology from Brooklyn College, she worked in the mental health field. She is a graduate of the Swedish Institute of Massage, and has taught medical massage in California. In addition to her studies of various forms of bodywork, she was trained in the Trager Approach® personally by Milton Trager and has been a practitioner since 1986.She obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West,and has practiced in New York and California. She maintains a popular website on structural therapy (www.DrWieder.com).